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11 Signs You Need Better Boundaries

How do you know if your personal boundaries are weak? Take a look at these signs and count how many apply to you: ———————— 1. You always have too much on your plate. 2. You take care of others without considering your own needs.

3. You feel resentful and complain, even though you’ve agreed to others’ requests or expectations. 4. You feel a need to be obedient to someone (like a spouse, parent, boss, mentor, etc.). 5. You fail to make clear agreements with others, which leaves you feeling disappointed.

6. You repeatedly find yourself in unhappy relationships.

7. You often feel distracted from your own goals or life’s purpose - or worse, you don’t even know what yours is! 8. You give away your time for free. 9. You often criticize yourself. 10. You make poor financial choices. 11. This is a BIG ONE! — You think you’re responsible for others’ thoughts, feelings, and actions, and vice versa. ———————— If one or more of these applies to you, you might have weak personal boundaries. But you’re not alone! Many of us struggle with setting and keeping healthy boundaries. Start by focusing on one of these signs above. What small steps can you do to successfully set a boundary in that area? What would you feel like? What would it do for you? My wish for you is that as we enter a new year, you are able to authentically express yourself and flourish to your full potential by advocating for yourself in healthy ways. 🌸 ———————— (Source: 

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